You’re smiling so bright 

Like a satellite tonight 

You get what you’re made for 

A world full of wonder 

A sunrise everyday

Sunrise Everyday – Mann Friday

After days with too many shades of grey, the Sun is out. She’s back. Yes, She, with a capital S. Gradually this whole narrative of following your Sun is becoming key in my daily life. A compass, a belief. Since the day Kiymet and I started having endless conversations about our love for life and the crazy, but amazing world around us, the Sun was always there.

In January 2014, we left Dutch Winter for Summer in Ghana. We visited the projects of the Meet Kate foundation, of which we are both board members. I remember an afternoon we spent at the beach, talking about our desire to connect with people from all levels of society. We read books and magazines, while reading the sentences we liked out loud. Sharing things that move us, and reflecting upon them, is our nature.

After our trip in Ghana we made a short video called ‘A World full of Wonders’, with images from the village life in Ekwamkrom. We chose the song ‘Sunrise Everyday’ from Mann Friday as the sound track. If only we knew… There She is again.

Roughly two years later we went to the concert of Xavier Rudd in de Melkweg, Amsterdam. A musician that we don’t admire for his music and his iconic voice only, but above all for his activism, his ability to connect and to exchange energy. He chooses to use his stage to speak up. To call for a new sense of unity and to respect the magic and gifts of nature. How awesome to live your life traveling the world, spreading love, compassion and inspiring others to do the same. At least he inspired us. We went back home with energy in our hearts and a name for our new adventure: Follow your Sun. The direction of the birds, the direction of love.