Here we are. Just about to launch our website. We are so ready to share our brand new organisation Follow your Sun with you. Over the past few months, Follow your Sun has become our World. It’s amazing to experience how finding your Sun, and deciding to follow it already adds so much purpose and magic to our lives. And that does not mean it is always easy. It also includes a lot of uncertainties and risks, especially financially. Not always comfortable, but we have trust that it will work out. The journey of Following our Sun is a learning process in itself, which will help us understand and guide others who will – hopefully – start doing the same. Practise what you preach!

To send this big, wild dream into the reality of the online world makes us both super excited and energized at the same time. We are ready for adventures with beautiful open minds. People with whom we already connected along the way and with whoever we will meet during this journey of Following our Sun. In six weeks we start off in Asia, and we’ve got no idea where we will end up. Perhaps that’s the best part of this all. What we do know, is that we’re more than ready to learn and wonder, to shine and above all to help build a conscious generation. Here we are. And we are here for you.

Love and light,

Kiymet & Myrthe